Snowsurf boards

Soulmotion is the intention to evolve with our experience on the mountainscape. Exploring the dynamics of sailing down the mountain, we are tuning into surfcraft designs from across eras and styles to cultivate a fluid movement upon the snow, through the trees, and into Stoke! 

From the concepts of imagination to the shaping room, we hand craft ideas into reality and then proceed to ride our creations.

Riders are unique souls journeying into the realm of the present moment- We varying in age, size, weight, ability and style matched with terrain, conditions, and space. We need tools as unique as we are to express our creative inspiration.  

Through this process of design exploration and custom shaping*, we have arrived on a few designs that are inclined to bring a variety of riders to the harmonious experience of snowsurfing. With the intermediate to advanced riders in mind, searching for an approach to the mountain beyond mere survival from top to bottom, Snowsurf style flows harmoniously along the fall line and seeks the joy of sailing weightlessly through powder and dynamically carving courdory groomers.


Essential elements for a joyous mountain experience: 

  • Lift- More nose, less tail
  • Float- Shorter and wider compression of surface area
  • Maneuverability- Arcing sidecuts for carving trenches across groomers
  • Fluidity- gentle convexity along base effortlessly connects thought and action

Our first experimental shapes were designed for following the Grizzly Rabbit tracks through deep powder, low angle, tree runs at Lost Trail Powder Mountain's Chair 4 Lift in South Western Montana.


Surf the frozen wave. Feel the storm as it rolls across the range. Move with the momentum of the mountain. See the sections and drop in, catch the bottom turn, get pitted, slash, cutback and hang ten.

*Full custom shaping available to your unique specifications- contact for more information.


Tight bobbing swim.

Red Tail Hawk

Long sailing arc with a tight tail spin.